Love Locks of Dubrovnik, Croatia

The last day at Dubrovnik, Croatia.

We were lucky it was sunny the whole time we stayed in Dubrovnik.

When we walked out of the hotel, there was a market selling vegetables and others.

Even a market was making a nice scene in the Old Town.



We decided to walk outside of the Old Town. We didn’t have destination but we just walked.

There was a wire fence with tons of locks. We didn’t know what they were.

We approached, and they were love locks!

We don’t know the story behind, but I guess couples put their names on the lock and threw away the keys to the ocean for their forever love. <3

I hope they are all happy couples still.  😆


We walked pretty far. But outside of the Old Town was nothing special. (at least to us…)

I don’t personally recommend. Maybe there is something special if you knew better…


We came back to the hotel and two days in a row whenever we came back to the hotel around 4pm, there was a chocolate on top of each pillow.  😛


We asked the hotel for any recommendation for dinner and they even booked the restaurant for us. It was a restaurant inside the Old Town but away from the main street so we would have never found the place if the hotel didn’t recommend to us.

I think it’s a good idea to ask hotels for recommendation.

You can experience local taste.


Our flight back to Japan was really early in the morning the next day.

We had to call a taxi to the airport.

But as I wrote about our arrival, taxi cannot come inside the Old Town, so we had to walk to the outside of the Old Town.

We were waiting for the hotel guy to walk us out, but he was running late (it turned out he couldn’t wake up on time…).

So while we were waiting, Jay wrote comments in the guestbook.

It’s in Korean.  😉


The guy finally showed up and we walked the quite and peaceful Old Town again, just like when we arrived.

If you get a chance to go to the Old Town in Dubrovnik, please arrive late or leave early to experience the breathtaking view of the Old Town with no people to share with.  You won’t regret it.  😀 



Okami  🙄


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