Breathtaking first impression of Dubrovnik, Croatia 

We went to the airport to depart to Dubrovnik, Croatia.


At the airport we had HUGE glasses of Hoegaarden. It was as big as our face!!

It’s hard to see that in this picture but I was so shocked when I was handed these glasses.

(We bought the same glass in Japan recently!)


We took Croatian Airline. I don’t remember exactly, but tickets were quite cheap.

But we had transit at Zagreb.


When we arrived in Dubrovnik, it was already quite late.

We booked The Pucic Palace hotel and had asked for a pickup.

The driver was waiting for us at the gate.

It took about 30 minutes from the airport to the hotel.

The road was very narrow and had only one line each.

It was ocean side road, but we couldn’t see anything because it was already night.

But I can imagine how beautiful it would be during the day.

We were already getting so excited. 😀


The taxi driver dropped us off.

It didn’t look like there was a hotel nearby.

We were getting a bit worried

Then there was another guy waiting for us.

We assumed he was from our hotel.

He took our luggages and we started to walk.

He went through a big gate and entered something that looks like a castle.

I still remember the moment we saw this……..


We were inside the central Old Town Dubrovnik.

It was late night so no one was there.

It was just three of us enjoying the entire central old Town Dubrovnik.

It was BEAUTIFUL!!!! Breathtaking moment.

We were so glad we arrived at night.

Otherwise, we had not seen this.

This will remain as the first impression of Dubrovnik to us.


We arrived at our hotel!


I searched a lot until I booked this hotel.

And I’m sooooo glad I did. It was at the best location.

We arrived very late and they welcomed us warmly.

The room was very cute and cozy and had taste.

We hadn’t eaten much and it didn’t seem like anything was open outside.

The only thing we had was instant noodles in our luggage.

We asked them if they have something like electric kettles so we can boil water.

But they thought we were going to drink coffee so they brought us a full set for coffee with hot boiled water. 😉

They were so sweet about it even if it was very late at night.


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