Day one, Miya and Leo – 11.08.2015

I started to write diary to record what’s going on between Miya and Leo and to see how many days does it take for 2 cats to get along.

This is about the first day


Leo came to our home for the first time today.

I put the carrier with Leo in it in the living room.

Miya approached it without realising what’s in it.

After some seconds, she saw or more like she felt Leo and made hissing sound that Jay and I have never heard before.. Then all of her back hair stood up and made threatening pose. She ran away

I was surprised and shocked…  

She was always around the living room.

But the rest of the evening she hid on the side near our bedroom and Miya’s room, and she didn’t even come close to the living room.

She would come to the living room shortly, but then she was hiding behind a chair or was standing right near wall then ran away again.

She became kitten again. 

She was cute but I felt bad at the same time…

I will have to be extra caring to Miya so she doesn’t feel neglected due to Leo.

I didn’t play with Leo that evening even if I wanted to so much.

Miya was not coming near the living room at all but she was for sure watching me…

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