Arriving @Brussels, Belgium

One year ago today, Jay and I went to Europe for our honeymoon.

I don’t like tour package because you never know what shitty hotels and plans you might end up with.

So I always book my flight and hotel myself.

Yes, it’s a lot more work and it might be more expensive at the end.

But you don’t go on a trip all the time, especially when you are working in Japan.

So when I do, I want to make the BEST out of it.

Jay and I don’t plan so much before we go. We just plan which countries to go and where to sleep at night. We enjoy walking around randomly and stop by at cafe when we are tired. We like coming across surprises. If everything is planned, it is NOT FUN!
We planned our honeymoon that way too.

We knew we were going to Belgium for 3 nights and Dubrovnik, Croatia for 2 nights. Other than that, we had NO PLAN.


Our first destination – Brussels, Belgium.

We arrived at the Brussels Central station pretty late at night.

BEAUTIFUL station and the city outside was so clean.


The Grand Place

The road was old style so it was very loud to carry luggage around.

But what we see in front of was a different world from what we are used to in Japan.


The hotel we stayed was called Hotel des Galeries.

It was a very clean hotel and stylish. Entrance looked like a small gallery.

Each room was different and our room’s theme was green.

It was March and it wasn’t so cold. So we didn’t have to use the heater. Blanket was very comfortable and warm enough at night.

I don’t think I saw an air conditioner in the room.

The bathroom was northern European style. Very cute! There was a large white bathtub too and the water filled up so fast!

There was a shared space outside of our room.

Our first day at Belgium ends here <3 <3

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