Irma supermarket in Copenhagen 

Irma is a Danish supermarket chain mainly located in Copenhagen. What I found very cute is the supermarket logo, a girl in blue dress. You can actually find cute small gifts to bring home. Such gift is called “omiyage” in Japanese.   I remember buying many things with this girl on the packages. You can notice the store easily with large logo on the window.   I only took pictures of milk, but as you can see, you can see the logo! I find this logo quite cute.   😆   I bought lots of mint tin cans. They are great for gifts! It’s cheap and cute! It was actually listed as good gift in my guidebook. But I have to say that the mint doesn’t taste that great😆 They have black color mint too. If you are not used to black licorice taste, stay away from it. Asian folks won’t usually like the flavor. I bought one for myself, but I didn’t finish it.   😯 I also bought an eco bag and I use it everyday.  😎 If you ever get a chance to visit Copenhagen, I recommend stopping at an Irma supermarket.   Okami :roll:

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