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Okami @UK

It’s the first weekend in UK.

But don’t feel like going out…

Don’t feel like doing anything without Jay, Miya and Leo. 🙁

It’s first time writing blog too.

Jay has been very good with maintaining blog. Thank you! And miss you!! <3

This is the London Heathow airport.

Where I stay is called Staines and it is about 15 minutes by taxi. I had to pay 30 British pound for 15 minutes ride. I think I got ripped off…. It seems that Uber is normally used in UK and it’s much cheaper. But Uber is not used in Japan so I don’t know now to use. Next time I will know better not to take a taxi from the airport!
I went to Sainsbury’s. It’s a supermarket chain in UK. It’s a huuuuuuuuge supermarket. It’s no comparison to Aeon market in Japan. 🙂

What you see here are ALL rice!!! I was surprised to see so many kinds of rice!!
But no rice that Korean or Japanese normally eat. Not that I would buy one… I don’t have rice cooker anyway.

It’s probably I’m not in central London but still… Out of all these kinds, no rice that I normally eat! I don’t think I can survive here. 😆

I was so happy see a cat on the street! The cat ran away so quickly so I felt sad.. And felt even more sad because it reminded me of Miya and Leo. :’-(
It’s a three day weekend in UK. It’s call Bank holiday here on Monday. I’ll be going to London to meet a friend. But until then no plan! 😆
Okami 🙄

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