Practicing illustration!!

Once we open our guest house Omoide House in Kyoto, there will be many chances to write message and draw illustration.

My handwriting is bad…. (so is Jay’s) and I am farthest from drawing illustrations.

SO I started practicing!  😆

I bought the book called “ボールペンでかんたんイラスト帳” meaning “Simple illustration book with ballpoint pen” and lots of color pens!!

You basically try to imitate the illustrations in the book as closely as possible.

This is section for using squares.

How is my chocolate??  😆

Please bare with me…. These are my very first illustrations…  🙄



In our weekly calendar, I drew illustrations for the date we had the 300 visitors to our blog, the date for the 100th blog & Instagram, 1 year and 1 month wedding anniversary and 1 month since the omoide house project started in March 9th.

Let’s see how much I will improve in months!!!  😀


Okami  🙄

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