When is the best sakura season in Tokyo?

It would be the best if you can come during sakura season if you get a chance. In Japan, it is also called “hanami (花見:ハナミ)” season which means season for watching flower.

You will see tons of people everywhere. I don’t like this crowd though…. But sakura is definitely very beautiful and there are places you can avoid the crowd. At least fewer people…

So when is the best season to visit Tokyo for sakura?

Unfortunately, it’s hard to guess the season every year. And the season itself lasts for very short time too so it’s hard to plan in advance. If warm days happen to last for a while, Sakura blooms very fast, if it gets suddenly cold, it takes a while until full bloom. Even during the season, it rains or wind blows so there are just handful of nice days to enjoy sakura. So it really depends on each year.

But in general from my experience, in Tokyo sakura usually starts blooming at the end of March and the best timing is the first week of April. If you are very lucky, you will see two weekends in a row but it is usually one weekend you can enjoy the full bloom. But if you visit Tokyo around these two weeks, I am pretty sure you can find a place for hanami because the timing also depends on locations too.


Jay and I went to see sakura in Nakameguro. It was April 2nd, 2016.

Sakura at night is called “Yozakura (夜桜:よザクラ)”.

Nakameguro is a famous spot for sakura.

There are sakura trees on both sides of Nakameguro river and you walk river side to watch sakura.


Close up of sakura!

Even more sakura!


It’s large sakura tree. It looks like it’s snowing!  🙂



This is the picture we are currently using for Omoide House profile picture.

That’s my hand. 😆

Okami  🙄

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