DAY 16 – Miya and Leo – 11.18.2015

This is a story about how Miya and Leo became to live together under the same roof.

Read about the previous day if you haven’t yet.

I skipped diary for several days.  😕

And it continues from Day 16.


Now we let Leo out and just watch him once in a while.

They punched each other (what’s called “neko punch“), hugged each other, fought sometimes…  I can’t really tell whether they are getting along well or not.

Leo would jump on Miya’s back all of a sudden.

Miya seems  to hate that then she runs away

Miya sometimes would grep and kick Leo’s head with her back legs so strongly, I’m afraid Leo’s head will fall out…. 

I think you would understand what I’m talking about if you are a cat person

Cats usually do that with toys or balls

But I’m sure Leo’s head won’t fall off.  😯 

Miya now can go sit at the window in Leo’s room. 

That position used to be Miya’s favorite spot but she didn’t go there for a while.

She now seems fine. That’s good!   😎 

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