Walking the Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia

We woke up and it was a beautiful day, and also a beautiful view outside the window!!!

We arrived late last night so we didn’t realize it.

What we are seeing through the window was breathtaking.

It was absolutely something we have never ever seen.

We were right in the middle of the Old Town.


We had breakfast at the hotel and went out.

We walked the main street of the Old Town and stopped by at a cafe.

There’s nothing better than a morning beer.  😎

We’ve been having so much Belgian beer, which I think is the best beer in the world, for the past several days, Croatian beer seemed a little too light.

But with Croatian sunshine and breeze, the atmosphere was perfect.

I can still feel the sunshine from that day through this picture.  😆


Then we decided to go up on the hill by the cable car to look down the old city and the ocean.

The cable car ride wasn’t anything special. But the view was definitely special!!

Absolutely breathtaking view. Too bad this picture doesn’t express that.

You will have to see it with your own eyes – panorama view of the ocean and the Old Town.

There was a cafe up on the hill.

I had a latte and Jay had a beer (again 😆 ) looking down the beautiful Dubrovnik. It was extremely windy!!!

But the cafe had red blanket ready so I rolled myself up with it.

I would’ve stayed longer if it wasn’t so windy… But it was worth the cable ride and the wind.


We came down and returned to the Old Town.

There are walls around the Old Town and you can go up and walk on top of the walls.

You have to pay to go up the walls and it’s not cheap but it’s absolutely worth it.

You can only go up during certain hours and since we were there in March, the hours were shorter. I think the walls closed at 3 or 4 pm when we were there.

A  walk around the walls takes about 2 hours.

This is what the walk on the walls look like – one side the Old Town and the other side the ocean.


You can look down the Old Town from the wall.

We were there off season so not too many tourists were there.

I saw a picture from summer and it was nothing like this. lol

The streets were full of tourists and Jay and I were very glad we came in March.

We don’t like the crowd so much…

The wind was a little chilly but you can still walk around with a light jacket.

With sun during the day, it was hot too.

So if want to see this peaceful Old Town, go there off season. 🙂


The other side of the walls is ocean. The color of the ocean matches the orange roof very well.


This picture is a lot better than the one I took up on the hill. lol

This is the view of the Old Town from up on the walls.

I never get tired of looking at this view. Very Dubrovnik view. 😀

Which sunset, it was even more beautiful.


We came back to the hotel. This is the street outside of our hotel. So beautiful, isn’t it?



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