Where is Luxembourg?

The third day in Brussels started with my favorite European breakfast with cheese and bread. Yum~


We bought a guidebook for Belgium and Netherlands and Luxembourg was also featured so we decided to go there.


Until we planned this trip, we didn’t know about Luxembourg. Sorry!

My plan was to go to Chocolate House.

I knew about their hot chocolate “sticks” and I was really happy that I can buy them in Luxembourg! Other than that, Jay and I had no plan.

We took a train from Brussels to Luxembourg. Again it was a day trip from Brussels.

If I remember correctly, it took about 3 hours. We enjoyed trains in Europe a lot. It does feel like a trip with very European-like scenery over the window. But after an hour, it all looks the same. 😉

We arrived in Luxembourg.

We got off the train and we started walking.

We were hungry so we were trying to find a place that was introduced in our guidebook. But it was closed. It was supposed to be open according to the book… but it was closed for unknown reason. We were getting even more hungry…

There were tons of souvenir shops but we weren’t able to find any place to eat.

Then we found this small cafe-like place and went in.

It was nicely decorated. It looked like a cafe in Daikanyama or Nakameguro.

If you have been to Daikanyama and Nakameguro, you will know what I am talking about.

We were seated at the corner. We had some kiche and salad, if I remember correctly.

I wish I remember the place name……….

After we had late lunch, we headed to Chocolate House! The only plan we had!

They had all kinds of flavors for chocolate sticks. so I bought more than 10 sticks… 

You can buy chocolates to go, or buy a chocolate stick and drink at the cafe.

So we decided to buy one for each and drink at the cafe.

We bought 2 chocolate sticks and seated outside of the store.

After we waited for a while, the waitress came with 2 glasses of hot milk with chocolate stick in it. That’s how you drink it! You stir milk with chocolate stick to make hot chocolate.



We came back to the station to get on the train back to Brussels.

There was a huge signs? in front of restroom so I took a picture. It was as big as my height.  


I left Luxembourg with a bag full of chocolate sticks. <3<3 I was fullly satisfied. 😀



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