So how are Miya and Leo now after 4 months?

I’ve been writing a series of diary about how two cats Miya and Leo have been learning to live together under the same roof.

It took 36 days, so a little more than a month, for them to have a moment of peace.

Of course after that, fight continued and it seemed to be harder for Miya, the first cat, to accept the existence of Leo, the second cat. She still hasn’t opened her heart to Leo completely.

So how are they doing after 4 months they lived together?

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Miya and Leo

 We live with two cats Miya and Leo


My name is Miya. I’m Russian Blue.
I am one year old. My birthday is March 8th, 2015. I was told it’s Jay and Okami’s wedding day.
I guess we were destined to be family.

When I first came to this house, there was Mr. Rabbit. He was a one fat rabbit so I stayed away from him… But he was fine. We had our own lives and he never bothered me. GOOD!
Then one day, he wasn’t around anymore. I felt a little bit lonely… I used to like watching him eat (the same food for 12 years! Can you believe that?!) But then I got used to being alone and peaceful days continued.
…. until this Bengal cat showed up!!!! arghhhhhh!!!

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