Ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo

We took a ferry that departs from Copenhagen and arrives in Oslo, Norway. There are different companies running ferries. The one we used was from DFDS Seaways.

To save time, we decided to spend one night in the ferry.

The ferry station in Copenhagen is in the middle of nowhere.

WARNING: Be sure to buy food or drinks in advance if you need to spend some time before you board. They have absolutely no stores around the ferry station.

We went out to look for a store.

We finally found one but we had to walk quite a while and ended up seeing a dead squeezed mouse on the street…  😯

I wish I had known better and bought food and drinks in advanced before we got on the bus to go to the ferry station.

But inside the ferry was a totally different world!

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「さあ, 出かけよう〜 」旅に行く節約するためのヒント7つ!大放出、 「今年の夏は旅行行こう? 」


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