Big news for my family!

Hello, it’s been very very long time since I wrote here.

But thank you very much for people who keep coming to read our Omoide House blog!  😀

Jay and I have a big announcement to make today which is very much related to the future of our family and also to Omoide House.

There are a number of significant events in everyone’s lifetime. Omoide House will be one of them for us in the near future. And I can’t wait until then. But another lifetime event is happening right now to Jay and me.

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スタバ 韓国 2017年 手帳 中身紹介








Jayが選んでくれたのはこちらの赤/Weekly Redです。今年はそれぞれ色のペン(インクは黒)が付いて来ますね。このペンもモレスキンがデザインしたそうです。


以前2015年版を使ったことがありますが、比べてみると同じ赤でも今年のは若干ピンクっぽいです。バンドはうっすらピンクです。写真だとあまり伝わらないですけど・・・ 😯


では実際の中身をみてみましょう。 😎

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担々麺はここがおいしい!- 金蠍 (キンカツ)


神谷町駅から2分(食べログによると1分ですが、もう少し距離があるように感じます)くらいの距離にある、金蠍 (キンカツ)というお店です。食べログのページはご参考までに。

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Did you know August 11th is a new Japanese national holiday from 2016?

I didn’t know until today.

My colleague has marked August 11th as a national holiday but I wasn’t aware of it. There is a summer holiday season called Obon in Japan but those are not marked as official holidays on calendar. I didn’t remember having an official holiday in August. I googled it and it turns out August 11th is a Japanese national holiday from this year!  😯

So what are we celebrating?

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Why is Airbnb so popular?

Airbnb is very popular, but not really in Japan, just like everything else such as Uber.

The rise of the sharing economy is the reason behind the population of Airbnb. From supplier’s point of you, when you are not using your assets, why not share them and make profits out of them. From user’s point of view, you don’t need to own assets but just pay for the usage when you need to use them. So it’s win-win deal.

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「ポケモンGO」 日本国内での配信を開始!!!!