My first dormitory guesthouse experience

Jay and I decided to go to Hokkaido for summer vacation. Hokkaido is well known for winter but summer is actually very nice as well.

Anyway, I’m going to write about our Hokkaido trip in another blog. Today I want to write about my first experience @dormitory style guesthouse. In short, I don’t think it’s my style, period.

I went to Hokkaido one day before Jay joined me. So I decided to stay one might at a guesthouse to learn how other guesthouse is like. Since I am staying alone, I decided to stay at a dormitory.

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Why is Airbnb so popular?

Airbnb is very popular, but not really in Japan, just like everything else such as Uber.

The rise of the sharing economy is the reason behind the population of Airbnb. From supplier’s point of you, when you are not using your assets, why not share them and make profits out of them. From user’s point of view, you don’t need to own assets but just pay for the usage when you need to use them. So it’s win-win deal.

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What do you eat for Tanabata?

Today is July 7th and it is “Tanabata” in Japan.

What is Tanabata?

You can read detailed expalanation of Tanabata in Wikipedia.

It’s not a holiday but it’s more like a festival.

It’s from the legend that the milky way separated two lovers and they are allow to meet only once a year, TODAY!

How tragic!!  😕

There are always food linked to holidays and festivals in Japan.

So I started to wonder,

What should I eat for “Tanabata”?

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헐…대박..쩔어! 일본 게스트하우스 ② 여행?!

게스트 하우스 OmoideHouse 를 만들기 위해 노력하고있는 것 중에 ,
다른 게스트 하우스의 블로그 나 홈페이지를 돌아보고 있습니다.

어떤 컨셉인지, 금액은 얼마인지 분위기는 어떤가
평들도 보며 실제로 숙박은 하고 있지 않지만, 간접적으로 체험 하고 있습니다.

제목 그대로 입니다만,
헐…대박..쩔어! 일본 게스트하우스를 써 가고 싶습니다.

헐…대박..쩔어! 일본 게스트하우스① 도 있으므로 참조부탁드려요!

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Lifetime event for OmoideHouse

How did we end up with an idea of opening our own guest house, Omoide House??

If I think back, one of the life changing events has occurred in Bergen when we met a German couple at the very first guest house we stayed.

The guest house was like a normal house with 3 rooms and can accommodate just three teams maximum. The owner stays at separate house.

When we were staying, only two teams including us were going to stay. Jay was quite nervous about having strangers in the same house. In fact, I was too. What if we end up with some maniacs??

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