Yokohama Night Zoo 2017

Planning to go to a zoo anytime soon? It’s probably not a good idea to go to zoo during the hot summer day in Tokyo/Yokohama in August. 😐  In fact, I bet animals don’t want to move a step in these hot sticky summer days either.

Guess what! Yokohama Zoo ZOORASIA and Kanazawa Zoo are doing special event called Night Zoo during August this year.

You get to see nocturnal animals in action!  😎

Have you ever experienced summer in Japan? I hate it… I hate it so much. The heat and the humidity… yuck… 😥  You melt into pieces.

So going to zoo at night isn’t so bad idea! 

Plus, I think you will get to see some interesting animals in actions that you normally don’t get to see during the day.

They are only doing this every Saturday and Sunday in August & August 11th (public holiday in Japan) from 9:30am to 8:30pm.

The last entry to the zoo is 7:00pm for ZOORASIA and 7:30pm for Kanazawa Zoo.

Okay, I thought the same thing as what you might be thinking right now. 8pm isn’t so night. But considering these zoos close at 4pm-ish, closing at 8:30pm is quite late and you can say it is close to night.  😉

Here is the information and direction to ZOORASIA and Kanazawa Zoo.  Be careful, this Kanazawa Zoo is not in Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefacture. It’s in Yokohama.  😆

I think I want to try going sometime in August. If I do, I will write about my visit again.


Okami  🙄

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