My humom took me to vet AGAIN!!

This is my very first blog. Oh, I’m Leo. 🐯

Humom took me to vets AGAIN!! I was there last month. I think she is paranoid about my health.

Well, I haven’t been able to walk well lately and would fall down when jumping to the sofa, shelf, bed…

It was so embarrassing I wish she never saw me. But my humom always happens to catch my embarrassing moments and started to get all worried🙀. You know how moms are like.

This was me before going to the vet.  She thought I might be putting my right leg above my head because it was hurting. She’s not being logical… Relax, humom. Cats can be really flexible, you know?


When she put this out, I knew I was going to the vet… Oh dear…  😯

And I was right…

It was so hot outside I thought I was going to die in the car!! 🙀 What was she thinking?? Cats are very sensitive with heat!

Then when I arrived at the vet, this doctor started to squeeze all parts of my body. I think I was quite patient and behaved well in the beginning. But there is limitation to my patience, you know?

He was pulling my right leg, left leg, and then my right leg again. Pressing my back, feeling my tummy, touching my toes, EVERYWHERE! 😾

I finally had to hiss at him and you know what he said?? He said I complain too much. 😾Unbelievable!! Let me try pulling your legs one after another. Let’s see how YOU react. 😼

Now I have to take this medicine that is supposed to help my joints. I’m not even one year old yet (Next month, I’m turing one! Yay!!😸) and I have to take medicine for joints?? You gotta be kidding me…

One good thing is that my humom always mix medicine with delicious tuna can as a treat. Yummy~~😸 She think I’m too baby to take bitter medicine, which is NOT true. I’m a very grown up Bengal cat. But I might as well take the tuna can. 😼

Well, that’s the only good thing about being sick in this house. Miya sis should thank me!! Because she will get tuna can too because of me!! 😼 She better not steal my tuna like she always do.

That’s all for today! Bye everyone.

Leo 🐯


Okami 🙄

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