Cool Earth Day – Tokyo is dark! (not really)

Yesterday was Tanabata in Japan. (Here is my blog about Tanabata.)

But it was also Cool Earth Day in Japan.

What is Cool Earth Day?

Since 2003, Ministry of the Environment has been running “Light Down Campaign” to save energy by encouraging people and companies to turn down lights between June 21st to July 7th.

And especially the first day June 21st, which is the official beginning of the summer, and the last day, Cool Earth Day, they are asking facilities with lots of lights and home as well to turn off lights.

I missed June 21st. But I managed to see the moment when lights go off in Tokyo yesterday.

But in fact, I couldn’t really notice the difference. 😆

Oh well…  😯

I was watching Sky Tree… but it didn’t turn off.

Do you see the difference?? Hardly!!  😯

I noticed Tokyo Tower was turned off.

I turned off lights except for one room I was staying, trying to participate the campaign.

Wondering why July 7th is Cool Earth Day?

G8 Summit in 2008 was on Tanabata day, and they decided to set Tanabata day as Cool Earth Day.

Okami 🙄

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