Gamification applied to making boring house work more fun

Jay used to do more cooking than me. I would wash clothes and dishes, clean house but cooking wasn’t just my thing. Jay enjoys cooking so it’s not so much stress for him. But I sometimes feel bad that he’s the one who always cook.

Then we deployed this solution for deciding “who cooks for tonight?”

Now I am doing more cooking. 🙁 but I can’t really complain because it’s a totally fair way of making decision. 😆

If you are married or couple who’s fighting about who’s in charge of doing boring house work, try this fun way to make decision daily basis.

The word gamification is applied in various industries. Making exercise app for you to level up as if you are game character and compete with friends, adding game like feature to mobile banking… etc. People participate more if it’s fun. It makes sense. It’s why companies include gamification into their products/services.

Why don’t we apply that to our house rule? If I’m not motivated to do boring house work like cooking, gamifying the tasks might motivate me more.

So we started spinning roulette!!  😎 

This is the roulette.  😆  Jay and I spin it once each everyday.

There are “Cook” and “Wash”. “Cook” means that you are responsible for the dinner that day. “Wash” means you are washing the dishes that day. But it’s not just that. To make this more fun, I added “Play!” If you get this, you don’t have to do anything but just play!

What if both of us get “Play!”? Then we go out for dinner. Makes sense. 🙂

What if both get the same for “Cook” or “Wash”? The we spin the roulette again.

What if one person gets “Play” and the other gets “Wash”? No one cooks? No. Then the other person is responsible for BOTH COOK AND WASH.

I have been the victim of this. 😥

So far, Jay has been quite lucky and getting “Play!” a lot. I will get “Cook” or “Wash” so I end up doing both… It’s almost 80% of time Jay gets to “Play!”.

The good part about this game is that you can’t really complain because the roulette says so. It’s all fair.

Try it! It’s quite exciting and fun. 😀 And you might be more motivated to do house work by being told by the roulette than by your partner. 😆


Okami 🙄

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