Miya and Leo now roommates!

It’s been a while since I wrote about my cats, Miya and Leo.

Since the DAY 1 when Leo came to our house, Leo and Miya have been staying in separate rooms.

We have 3 rooms in our house, one for Jay and myself, and one each for Miya and Leo.

We didn’t have much choice because Miya really didn’t like the idea of having Leo in the same house. Read about how hopeless it was in the beginning

Things have changed, in a good way.  😀

Lately, Miya seems that she had accepted Leo is another cat in the house.


She’s okay, most of the time. Unless Leo comes THIS close.  😆


Jay has been wanting to put Miya and Leo into the same room.

But I rejected the idea several times because I was worried about Miya.

I didn’t want Miya to feel stressful with having Leo around all the time.

Maybe I was being paranoid too much. But I wanted to make sure Miya was okay around Leo first before they move into the same room.

At least with being in separate rooms, Miya can have some peace at night when Leo sleeps in the cage. (We can’t let Leo out of the cage at night yet because he makes so much trouble if not being watched… 🙁 )




The time has come!

We moved Leo’s cage to Miya’s room yesterday.

Now they are roommates!

I hope they get along…


We let Miya out during the day while Jay and I are at work.

But Leo still stays in his cage.

One day, we will let both Leo and Miya out.

I hope that day comes soon.


Today when I returned from work, both Miya and Leo didn’t finish their food from the morning…

Leo has been leaving his food lately but this never happened to Miya.  🙁

So I’m a bit worried that this may have something to do with changed environment.

Or it may have to do with the fact that it suddenly became so hot lately.

I gave both of them their favorite snacks just to give them something to eat.

I should watch them more carefully the next several days to make sure they are both okay and can adjust well.



Okami 🙄


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