Canon EOS X7 White

I have been taking lots of pictures of Miya and Leo for our Instagram.

Jay suggested the other day (when we went to Kamakura for Ajisai),

“Why don’t you buy a digital SLR camera?” 

The next day I pressed the “order now” button on Amazon. 😆

I bought Canon EOS X7, the white one.

If you are Instagramer, I definitely recommend you get one of these.

Let me tell you why.

It’s supposedly world’s smallest and lightest digital SLR camera.

Indeed it’s very light and small, measuring approximately 116.8 (w) x 90.7 (h) x 69.4 mm (d) and weighing only around 370 grams.

I don’t want to walk around with heavy duty black camera looking like I’m taking pictures of some rare birds. 🙄

And its white color is making it look cuter. “Cuteness” is very important for everything I buy. 😆

It’s perfect for women.

It’s perfect for me.


When the box arrived, Leo was crazy about it.

Not about the camera, but more about the box itself, like all the other cats. 😆


Miya was also interested in new thing too. But she’s always very cautious.

“What’s this new smell??”


I never thought I would buy a SLR camera.

I always thought iPhone was more than enough.

But it completely changed my opinion about good cameras and why people walk about with huge cameras around their neck. It all makes sense now.

Pictures are completely different!

Even for beginners too.

So far I don’t know anything about taking pictures.

This Canon EOS Kiss 7x has automatic mode and it adjust automatically for you so I don’t have to do much.

I wait for the camera to focus on what I want to take, then just press the button.

But look at the pictures I randomly took for my very first pictures!


My cats look more 3D!!


I love this picture. This is my new iPhone lock screen.


Taking pictures with SLR camera makes your home look nicer. 😆

Leo and Miya’s pictures usually get about 50 LIKES per picture.

But ever since I started uploading pictures I took with my new camera, we are getting more LIKES on Instagram!

For example, the picture above is getting 154 likes so far! Three times more than the average. AMAZING!


And this Miya’s picture is getting 116 LIKES so far which is 2 times more than usual.

Maybe this one is just that Miya looks cute. 😆


Now it’s more focused to Miya and Leo and they stand out more in the picture. Like 3D!


Miya is eating her nails. 😆


It’s hard to notice there are power cables behind Miya.

Or maybe this one, you can. 😆

But background is definitely less noticeable, I think.


Leo the Leopard! You are one handsome cat!


I am in love with my new camera. I am going to learn how to take better pictures.

It will be one of the required skills for our guest house, Omoide House in the future too.


If you like these pictures or want to look at more pictures of Leo and Miya, please follow us on Instagram!


Okami 🙄


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