Norway in a nutshell – fjord cruise & Flåm Railway

The reason why I picked Bergen as one of the destinations for our Northern Europe trip was Fjord.

What is Fjord? Read Wikipedia 

I chose a tour called “Norway in a nutshell” that includes both fjord cruise and Flåm line railway trip.

We took the one that departs from BergenOfficial Website

The route is like this.


The train departs from Bergen and you take bus, cruise boat and then train.

Everything is included in the “Norway in a nutshell” package.

The train also departs from Oslo but it takes a lot longer.

We had only one day for fjord.

Unfortunately, the weather was very cloudy…  😥

So the scenery wasn’t as beautiful as I expected.

It was different from the pictures I’ve seen.  😐

The cruise lasts about 3 hours and because the weather wasn’t so great, 3 hours felt long…

It started to become a little bit sunny at the end of the cruise.

This was the cruise boat we boarded.


After we got off the boat, we took this train that travels to Flåm Line.

It was an old, traditional style train.

The Flåm Railway takes you right in the middle of the breath-taking scenes of the Norwegian fjord landscape.


The train stops at this waterfall point and tourists can get off the train.

Photo time!  😎 

Our tour of “Norway in a nutshell” ends here.  😀

I only wished we had better weather…

I think it’s a compete different experience depending on the weather.

When you get a chance to go see fjord, I wish the best luck with the weather!!!  😎

Okami 🙄

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