Arriving at a B&B style guest house in Bergen 

We stayed at a guest house called To Søstre Guesthouse in Bergen, Norway. Official Website

It is a B&B style guest house located at the historical centre of Bergen.

That was the first time we stayed at a guest house and it was one of the important milestones that changed our views about guesthouse.

More for Jay.  😎

When we walked from the Bergen station to the guest house, we saw this sign.

“There are a lot of good people around”

That was good to know.  😆

The guest house was about 15 to 20 minutes from the station.

The road was like this in the picture the entire time so it wasn’t easy to walk with our luggages.  😯

I’m glad our luggages didn’t break…  😆

I took this picture outside of the guest house.

I really liked the house and street styles!

But I think Jay was very suspicious the whole time because he never stayed at a B&B or a guest house before.

The guest house was actually just a regular house with 3 rooms, 2 rooms on the second floor and another room on the third floor.

First floor was kitchen and living room.

The owner knew around what time we were arriving and was waiting for us when we arrived.

But she left once we finished checking in.

Only guests will stay at the house without the owner.

There was no front desk like a hotel.

Uh oh… I think that made Jay more suspicious.   😯

The owner told us that there will be another team arriving later who will stay the next door.

Uh oh… we weren’t the only guests tonight.

Each room had different style with different names.

This was our room, “The Blue Room“.

I really liked our room.

It almost felt like we were visiting our friend’s house in Bergen and staying at their guest room.

There was one bathroom on the 2nd floor that we needed to share with other guests.

I think there was another bathroom on the 3rd floor too but we didn’t see it.

The bathroom was very clean and stylish.

So far it wasn’t bad at all but we were a little bit worried about the guests arriving later at night.

We will be left alone in the house with them.

“Is it going to be okay??”


…The story continues…


Okami 🙄

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