“Tsuyu-iri” rainy season starts in Japan

What does “Tsuyu” mean?

Rainy season is called “tsuyu (梅雨)” in Japanese.

When the rainy season starts, it’s called “tsuyu-iri”.

It means “entering the rainy season”.

This year’s “tsuyu” has supposedly started yesterday in Tokyo. 🙁

It varies when the season starts depending on where you are in Japan.

But June is well know for “tsuyu”.

I hate rainy season… 😐  It’s depressing.

How long is the rainy season in Japan? 

It lasts about one a half month. It’s too long!!!

By the time the rainy season ends, hot and more humid summer starts.  😯

I missed the good spring season in Tokyo this year because I was in the U.K.

Now I have to survive the rainy season.


Okami  😥 


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