First camping in year 2016 in Fumottobara 

Jay and I went camping this weekend with some of our friends.

We always go to a place called “Fumottobara” closed to the Fuji Mountain, and this time it was the first time this year.

You can see very good views of Fuji Mt. right in front of you while you do camping.

It was cloudy this time but this is how you see the Fuji Mt.

It feels a lot bigger when you actually see it.

Our tent building skill is improving!  😎

First, it looks a lot better than last year, with fewer wrinkles and all strings properly placed.

And second, this time it rained at night and the next day too, but our tents were strong enough to last for 2 days.

I know it sounds silly, but if you have seen us last year when we first bought our very own tent, you would know why I’m so proud this time.  🙄

Another improvement this year is that we arrived early this time like other campers!

We used to always arrive late around 4 or 5pm and by the time we are ready to do BBQ, it gets dark and it is hard to tell if foods are cooked or not.  😯

This year, we left our house around 6am.

There was some traffic due to car accident, but we were able arrive before noon!!  😀 

We had hotdog for lunch!

We cooked lots and lots of food for BBQ.

Vegetables, beef, pork, sausages, bacons…

We ate endlessly.  😎

The best part of the camping is sitting around a fire and listening to woods burning.

This time I unfortunately didn’t take any photo of it. 🙁


Camping season starts for us! Yay!

This year, I also want to try going camping with Jay and myself only.

I’m sure it will be very different than going as a group.

I will blog about it when get to go.


Okami 🙄

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