European culture? Dad and daughter holding hands

What I have seen as a pattern in Europe is that many dads are holding their daughter’s hand when they walk on the street even when mom is together.  (These dads are, most of the time, very stylish too! 😎 )

I found that really sweet.  😀  <3<3

You rarely see dads holding their daughter’s hand in Korea or Japan. It’s usually mom’s job.

If kids are very small like 3 or 4 years old, maybe yes. But not the ones that are 8 or 10 years old.

I saw many dads and daughters when Jay and I travel Europe.

I even saw this sign drawn on the street that says about the culture.


It must be a dad with his little girl.    😀

I saw this when Jay and was walking to the Oslo train station from the ferry station.

What I’m used to see where I live would be just one adult and one kid with no gender specific.

Like this one I saw today on the street.

I think this kind of sign really tells about the culture!

Then I saw this sign in Stockholm.

Jay and I had no idea what it means.

No holding hands with your kids?

No kids allowed??

We thought about all the possible meanings but none of them made sense.

Does someone know what it means?

Okami 🙄

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