Ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo

We took a ferry that departs from Copenhagen and arrives in Oslo, Norway. There are different companies running ferries. The one we used was from DFDS Seaways.

To save time, we decided to spend one night in the ferry.

The ferry station in Copenhagen is in the middle of nowhere.

WARNING: Be sure to buy food or drinks in advance if you need to spend some time before you board. They have absolutely no stores around the ferry station.

We went out to look for a store.

We finally found one but we had to walk quite a while and ended up seeing a dead squeezed mouse on the street…  😯

I wish I had known better and bought food and drinks in advanced before we got on the bus to go to the ferry station.

But inside the ferry was a totally different world!

They had everything!   😆

It was more like a huge resort hotel building. They have restaurants, bars, cafes, sundeck pool and Jacuzzi, live entertainment, casino, nightclubs, games, and even duty free shop!

We didn’t have swim suit but with below zero degree outside, there were some people in the outdoor Jacuzzi. Of course, the water was warm.

Jay blamed me so much for not making him bring his swimsuit.  😛


This is the corridor outside of our room for the night.

The ferry was bigger than I imagined and if I remember correctly, there were at least 10 floors in the ferry.

You get thick paper keys that you can stick into the key hole for your room.

Since it is paper key with barcode printed on, you don’t need to return the key with thousands of other people and also bring it home as souvenir. I found that very neat.

I booked a 2 twin beds cabin with sea view.

I looked for the latest price and it’s 129 Euro per cabin in October for this room. (as of May 2016)

The price varies depending on seasons and days of the week.

There are tons of different types of room. So pick your own.

You can even have a room with private outdoor Jacuzzi.  😎

Jay and I wanted some privacy and also a window so we don’t feel suffocated.

It has a shower room and private toilet in the cabin.

It’s very small but cozy at the same time.

Jay and I very liked the room.

You can choose to have dinner and/or breakfast on board.

We only added dinner to our plan.

Oh, don’t forget to shop duty free!  😎

Jay and I enjoyed beer on the deck watching the sunset of Copenhagen.

Good morning, Oslo! 


We had a beautiful day waiting for us in Oslo.

When we was departing from Copenhagen, there was a Denmark flag.

But by the time we arrived, the flag has been changed to Norway flag.

We had to take a  train from Oslo station to go to Bergen.

We were lucky to find a WiFi at the ferry station in Oslo and able to find our route to the Oslo station. (I don’t think it was WiFi from the ferry station but random one I found outside of the ferry station.)

It’s about 1.7 km walk. Not too bad on a beautiful sunny morning.

Look at the sky! Beeeeeaaaaaauuuuuutiful day~!  😆

We headed to our next destination, “Oslo S”.


Okami 🙄

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