Denmark Starbucks is very expensive

I think I wrote about it before, but I love European breakfast.

Bread, cheese, orange juice, more cheese….  😆

I always eat way too much whenever I go to Europe.

This time in Denmark, we also ate too much.



We stayed at a hotel called Hotel SKT. Annae but it wasn’t as good as I expected.

They put us in the farthest room possible from the entrance and with absolutely no view.

We were staying there for just one night, so we didn’t mind too much but I wouldn’t recommend the hotel.

But they had very good breakfast!


Look! Yum~~~



Anyway, going back to original topic, I think Denmark Starbucks was the most expensive I’ve ever seen.

Whenever we go to new country, Jay and I stop by at a Starbucks in that country. So we did the same in Copenhagen.

Tall latte was 39 Denmark Krone which is about 640 yen and 5.8 US dollar.  😯

In Japan, tall latte is 370 yen. Denmark Starbucks is 1.7 times more expensive! 

That says something about general pricing in Denmark.
Okami :roll:

One thought on “Denmark Starbucks is very expensive

  1. paula pederson says:

    I’ve made Danish blogging friends who’ve helped me with my upcoming book about my Danish father who emigrated to Seattle. I’d sure like to get to Denmark to meet them. They take many lovely outings through their country. Public facilities, lifestyle, and health care are superior. I’ve heard Denmark has the world’s highest living standards. So I expect they have high taxes to make this possible.

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