Visiting the original Flying Tiger store in Copenhagen

As part of our one week trip to the Northern Europe, we first arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We only had one night in Denmark so we couldn’t do much.

Also we had no plan as always. lol

So we just walked around the street.

I love walking around in Europe. You encounter cute shops and stylish restaurants or cafes.

If you plan too much, you miss all those.

I love Flying Tiger shop in Japan. Have you visited one?

They have very cute little things that have Northern Europe taste and they are also very cheap for their quality.

The brand is from Denmark so I always wanted to go visit the original shop when I get a chance to go to Denmark.

I visited the original shop. Surprising fact is that the shop is called TIGER not FLYING TIGER.

What Jay and I said was that because the shop was exported to overseas, it is called FLYING TIGER – the shop “flying” to overseas. Make sense?  😎

The shop was huge! It was 3-floor-shop. I was so excited at first.  😆

BUT shops in Tokyo had better stuff than the original shop. The original shop had so much things including useless stuff, like cheap looking stuff you will see in dollar markets or 100 yen shop.

I was then more impressed with the selection in Tokyo because whenever I go to Flying Tiger in Tokyo, I have to stop and see every 5 seconds.

I ended up not buying much. I just bought a file case that I already had and wanted a second one for. That was it.

In fact, the ones that I might buy are already in my house. 😆  The new ones weren’t so interesting.

I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the original shop but I was happy that I got to visit one in Denmark. That’s what’s important.


Okami 🙄


One thought on “Visiting the original Flying Tiger store in Copenhagen

  1. paula pederson says:

    I so connect with your blog and travels because I’m a blast from the past. I’ve blogged weekly for 2 years and later this year will be publishing a book about my immigrant traveling parents. My father, Hans Pederson, who immigrated to Seattle from Denmark in 1884 died when I was a month old. my mother misled me and it wasn’t until I was 70 that I discovered he was one of Seattle’s greatest builders. I’ve made Danish friends blogging—they researched my father on Ancestry, the Danes also followed y father, Hans Pederson. The stepdad who raised me worked in prewar China, Honolulu, Philippines, Japan, they had close Japanese friends. When I saw your Flying Tigers, I figured it was probably be about the American pilots who helped the Chinese defeat the Japanese in WWII.

    Unfortunately, I don’t travel much lately, publishing a book takes time along with life in general. Anyway, thanks for the follow!

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