[Intro] A week in Northern Europe – Denmark, Norway and Sweden

Jay and I liked Europe very much when we went there for our honeymoon.

So we decided to go to Europe again only in 6 months after our honeymoon.  😆

This time we planned for Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

We only had a week of vacation and three countries were a lot to visit for a week.

But we really wanted to go to all three countries. Well, to be precise, I wanted to go to all three countries.

Jay wanted to go see aurora in Northern Europe.  But because October wasn’t the best season for it and it was a little bit too far to travel considering the fact we have only a week, we gave up the aurora. We will go see just the aurora one day, but not this time.

Our trip was planned like this.

  • Arrive in Copenhagen, Denmark – one night in Copenhagen
  • Move to Oslo, Norway by ferry – second night in the ferry
  • Move to Bergen, Norway by train (about 7 hours trip)
  • Arrive in Bergen – 3rd and 4th nights in a guesthouse (our very first guesthouse!)
  • Move to Stockholm by plane – 5th and 6th nights in a hotel
  • Return to Tokyo from Stockholm

It looks like a very busy trip and it fact it was.  😮

But I intentionally picked different transportation so that even moving from one city to another can be a unique experience and can feel like part of the trip and not just wasting time.


So our trip to Northern Europe starts.

Okami 🙄


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