First Guestbook from Liberty London 

I went to Liberty London department store today.

Jay and I talked about collecting different notebooks from the world to use as guestbooks for our Omoide House.

I found our first guestbook @Liberty London!


I love their purple box and shopping bag of Liberty London.


I picked a purple notebook for our guestbook.

I love it! Except for the price…. it’s not cheat at all.. It’s 60 British pound.  😯


Inside, they are just simple lined pages with the logo at the bottom.

I can’t wait till have people leave messages in this guestbook!  😆


Okami :roll:

One thought on “First Guestbook from Liberty London 

  1. Chas Spain says:

    Thanks for dropping by my blog recently – wow that is an absolutely beautiful book and I’m sure it will be worth the investment. Once it is full of messages from people from all over the world it will be a real treasure.

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