Serviced apartment is great!

I am staying @UK for 4 weeks so I chose to stay at a serviced apartment instead of hotel.

I hardly cook so kitchen is not the must but it would be better to have it for boiling water for coffee or keeping food in the refrigerator. 😆

It is my first time staying in serviced apartment. And it’s not bad. It’s actually better than I imagined.

It’s a one room apartment. The living room might be too big for one person.

It has a huge kitchen. They pretty much have everything that you need to cook and eat food. And they had some basic food such as egg, bread, cheese, yogurt and drink like juice and milk as complimentary.

It also comes with washing machine and dishwasher.

It has a double bed and separate television in the room.

Since it is a serviced apartment, you have to prepare your own shampoo, body wash, toothbrush, etc.
I wish Jay could visit. This serviced apartment is more than enough for 2 people. But with the long Golden Week, it’s hard to take another vacation to come to UK. So I have to survive here by myself. 🙁
Okami 🙄

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