Tokyo Olympic 2020 emblem decided! But…

Tokyo Olympic 2020 emblem has been decided today, April 25th.

Candidate A was selected. Are you serious???  😯

I wrote a blog about emblem candidates before.

Tokyo Olympic 2020 Emblem Candidates

And I wrote A is a No. But A has been selected…. ughhh…


They were collecting everyone’s feedback so you could choose the one you like the most. Actually B is the one with the most votes. And A is the one with the least votes. Why did they even bothered to have everyone vote? Weird…

No one really mention about the fact that the least voted one is selected. That’s also weird too.

The funniest part is that the news has been leaked before it was announced…  😯 Television program I was watching already knew A has been selected before the announcement. Issue with information security, huh.

He is the designer of A emblem. 


It doesn’t seem like Japan… nor Tokyo. I don’t like it…  Oh well… 😥

What do you think?
It’s good that the emblem is finally decided…


Okami  😳

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