Sevenpark Ario Kashiwa Grand Open today, April 25th 2016

A Large shopping mall by 7&i Holdings opens in Chiba today, April 25th 2016.


They expect to have many people during the Golden Week coming up soon.


(source: official site)

Other than fashion shops and restaurants, they have Toho cinema, entertainment/sport facility for bowling, karaoke, or other sports. It’s a perfect place for families!!



(source: official site)

There is also a large outdoor park called Smile Park where you can do BBQ or enjoy park. It fits about 3000 people!! You don’t have to bring anything to BBQ. You can buy meat and vegetable at the supermarket in the mall and bring to BBQ place. It’s nice to have some green so you can rest after doing shopping or in between.

It’s an entertainment place for family where everyone has something to enjoy.

Why don’t you visit during Golden Week?  😎

Google map

Me? This kind of place is usually packed with people right after it opens… Jay and I don’t really like crowded place. 😯  I will wait for another 2 or 3 months before I go. 😉


Okami 🙄

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