“English Village” in Tokyo by September 2018

“English Village” where only English is spoken will open in Tokyo by September 2018!

Tokyo’s Board of Education has announced that “English Village” will open by September 2018 for Tokyo Olympic 2020.

At “English Village” only English will be spoken and you are not allowed to speak any other language than English.

The name “English Village (英語村:エイゴムラ) is temporary at this moment.

(Source: Sankei News)

“English Village” will be located in Time24 Building at Tokyo Big Sight (Aomi, Koto-ku). According to the Board of Education, “English Village” will use part of the first floor plus 2nd and 3rd floors of the building occupying about 5,800 square meters. It’s size to fit about 600 to 800 people.



They considered several candidates for the location. But they decided to Tokyo Big Site for the following reason.

  1. There are already many foreigners
  2. Convenient access
  3. Enough space to accommodate 800 people

They are recruiting private businesses to do the facility maintenance and operations. Anyone interested?  😉 


While you are staying at “English Village” only English is allowedThe goal is to provide Japanese children as close overseas environment as possible.

Events for schools in Tokyo will be prioritized but personal use of the children who live or are students in Tokyo is also possible. (I thought anybody can go but it seems it’s only for Tokyo people.)

“English Village” targets children from 5th grade elementary school to 3rd grade high school. Children will play games or cook food with foreign students.

They will have a day pack stay overnight pack. But there won’t be the accommodation within the facility so that people are expected to stay at nearby hotels.

It will be 10 to 15 year contract with operating company and whether to continue the business or not will be reviewed in the future based on the success of the business.


Similar facilities already exist in other countries including Korea. I wonder how the one in Japan will turn out. Will it really help Japanese children experience overseas?

I myself want to visit once it opens. It’s mainly for students so I don’t even know I can get in… Or maybe I should apply for staff position.  😆

Anyone interested?  😎 


Okami 🙄


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