Oze National Park in autumn

Oze (尾瀬:オゼ) National Park is very unique place I have been to in Japan.

It’s overlapped with four Prefacutres – Fukushima, Tochigi, Gunma and Niigata.

You can only go there for a limited season. It’s basically closed during the winter season because it’s covered with snow.

You will see what I mean by “unique” if you see the picture below.

This is about Oze National Park in autumn. I will blog about Oze National Park in summer later.

Back then, neither Jay and I had driver’s license. So we had to take a day trip tour bus from Shinjuku. But it departs really really early in the morning…  😯

You have to first do some hiking before you reach this huge open space of marsh area. The hiking course is not so bad. It’s supposed to be Japan’s largest highland marsh.

“Located in Oze National Park, the marsh is said to have been formed in the Ice Age about 10,000 years ago. Because of the special geographical conditions of the highland basin, plants that evolved in the Ice Age are still growing naturally now. “ – from Tourist Guide of Gunma Prefecture

Ice Age??? WOW!!



You see this endless wood-plank walking trails? It’s too bad this picture doesn’t describe the openness that Jay and I felt.  You have to be there to feel it!! It’s a very very open space that you normally don’t see in your daily life. At least not in Tokyo.  😉 

Both sides of the road is the marsh. So be careful not to fall.  😛 



We had to come back to the parking lot by certain time so we couldn’t go that far.

But we liked the place enough to decide we will come back again. Maybe Jay and I should stay overnight if we go next time. It’s too large for a day trip.

Visit here for more official information and guide.


Okami 🙄

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