So how are Miya and Leo now after 4 months?

I’ve been writing a series of diary about how two cats Miya and Leo have been learning to live together under the same roof.

It took 36 days, so a little more than a month, for them to have a moment of peace.

Of course after that, fight continued and it seemed to be harder for Miya, the first cat, to accept the existence of Leo, the second cat. She still hasn’t opened her heart to Leo completely.

So how are they doing after 4 months they lived together?

Leo is Bengal cat and he is one jolly fella. 🙂 So he seemed totally fine from the beginning.

But Miya, Russian blue cat, was very delicate cat from the very beginning so Jay and I were worried how she would handle the situation. She was alone for about half a year then Leo came. It was a disaster in the beginning…. as you can read here.

Day one, Miya and Leo 11.08.2015

After 4 months, they still have separate rooms and Leo is locked up in his cage when we sleep. Only Miya is out and sleeps with us in our bedroom. (These days, she often sleeps in her bed in her room… I think she’s growing up… 🙁 ) We tried to let Leo out one night, and Miya hid in the corner and didn’t come out. I don’t think Miya is completely ready yet.

But Leo is spending a lot more time with Miya now and Miya seems to be okay that another cat is around as long as he is not always around. There is definitely a progress.

Look! These day Jay is playing with Miya and Leo at the same time and I took a photo of the moment when they were both looking at the same target!!!

It’s a huge progress because Miya would always stay away from Leo and it was impossible to take this kind of picture. Big progress, right?

Look at this video too! Taking turn to play!!


I see some cats cuddling each other and sleeping together peaceful.

Okay, Miya and Leo is still very far way from that…

But maybe one day!


Okami 🙄

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