Boracay wedding

Please read Boracay part 1 and part 2 if you haven’t.

We were enjoying another day at the pool and beach from the morning.

Boracay 2015_1657

Morning pool is the best 🙂


Boracay 2015_1916

There are beds you can rent near the beach with sun shade. This is the view you see lying on the bed.


Boracay 2015_1468

Jay and my favorite number is 38. We were very lucky our parasol number was 38!!

There seemed to be a wedding at the hotel. From the morning, staffs were busy preparing for the wedding. We watched them prepare from the pool, from the beach and from the pool again.  😆

There was a wedding ceremony place in the garden and an after party place at the beach.

Jay and I had our wedding in Okinawa. It was very nice too but it didn’t look bad at all to have wedding in Boracay.  😉

Wedding was in the afternoon. Guests started to gather. There were about 50 guests. Before the ceremony, there was music drink and dance.

It was a very different wedding from the ones Jay and I know. We’ve seen such wedding in the movie but not in real world.

The groom and the bride entered. Oh wow!!! They were a couple with a baby we met at the Manila airport for the transition and we were on the same boat to the hotel too! They were with a babysitter so I remember Jay and I talked that they must be rich.  😛

We were happy to see the couple we’ve met are getting married!

We watched their ceremony for a while from the pool. After the ceremony, they gathered around in the garden to take pictures and so.

That was only the first part of the wedding. Guests were slowing moving to the beach for the second half of the wedding.

Jay and I were hungry so we got out of the pool and went to eat.


We decided to go to “Rima”. It was one of the fancy restaurants at the hotel so we reserved the restaurant before we went there.

We called for a buggy and headed to the restaurant. The sunset was supposed to be beautiful looking down the resort from the restaurant so we went before the sunset.

Boracay 2015_5450

We were seated at the balcony side. And this is the view we got!!! Awesome!!!


Boracay 2015_6539

There were huge trees beside the restaurant. The shadow it makes against the sunset was breathtaking.


The wedding party was still going on after we came back from the dinner.

All the lights made the beach very romantic. <3

That was one looooooong wedding. But I guess that’s very common for western culture. Guests seemed to be actually having fun at the wedding.

Weddings I know end in an hour in Korea.  There’s no after wedding party. Japanese people usually have after wedding party, but that also ends in 2,3 hours. Wedding party hardly lasts the whole day.

I imagined that couple being Jay and I. Hmmmm… It must be very tiring and it’s very very hard to imagine our guest having fun at such a long wedding. 😯 It’s a huge cultural gap that cannot be filled. I’m 100% satisfied with our wedding. But in a way, I envied such western culture – everyone truly enjoying the party.

When we open our guest house Omoide House in Kyoto, I would like to hear about all different wedding stories around the world!!


Okami  🙄 

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