Day 36 – Miya and Leo – 12.13.2015

This is a story about how Miya and Leo became to live together under the same roof.

Read about the previous day if you haven’t yet.

I skipped diary for 8 days!  😕

This is the last diary from Day 36.

And now it’s finally happening….  😀


It seems okay to let both out together.

They don’t seem to fight and they are wandering around the house separately!!

oooooooohhhhh. It’s finally happening after a little more than a month.

They’ve always fought and growled at each other so we couldn’t let both out together for long. 

Now it seems okay to let both out for quite long!!!

It’s usually Leo who does wrong things and get locked up in his cage.  😆 

Now it finally looks like two cats are living peacefully together.

Sooooooo cute.  😛 

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