Day 28 – Miya and Leo – 12.05.2015

This is a story about how Miya and Leo became to live together under the same roof.

Read about the previous day if you haven’t yet.

There was blood!!!  😯


Leo climbs up Miya many times…

Miya doesn’t seem too happy about it.

Good thing is that she doesn’t growl at Leo as much.


I found a splash of blood under the sofa.

Miya has been coughing so I thought Miya coughed so much now she’s coughing blood…  😥 

I was so worried

But I looked at Miya’s face and her nose was bleeding.

Leo might have scratched her nose when they were playing? together.

So when we coughed, blood also splashed.

Poor Miya….  I hope she gets better. 🙁 


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