Airport Limousine Bus is convenient from the airports to Tokyo

When coming to the centre of Tokyo from Narita Airport or Haneda Airport, what transportation would you use?

Once we move to Kyoto, we should write about Kyoto, but since we are living in Tokyo now, let me talk about transportation to Tokyo.

You have different choices such as trains, buses, and even cabs.

I personally like taking airport limousine bus because you don’t have to carry around your large and heavy luggage to get on the subway. It’s harder than you think to find elevator or escalator at the subway station.

Not all exits have elevator so by the time you find one, you already walked more that you need to. And you hardly see escalators.

I remember I used to take train to the airport in my earlier years and I would get exhausted by the time I get to the airport… 🙁

If you take limousine bus, there’s no need to go down. That’s what I like about it. And there are lots of limousine bus stations at many main spots and major hotels in Tokyo so it’s not difficult to find one that’s near.

Check out the stations and time schedule here. Bus Schedule


Once you arrive at the airport, bus stops right near the terminal entrance so there’s no need to come up from the train station.

There are escalators at the airport so it’s not as bad as train stations in the city, but still it’s better to stop right nearby the terminal entrance.

It’s about the same price as Narita Express train but there is special visitor tickets for tourists for two ways from and to Narita Airport. That’s a lot cheaper than Narita Express train. If you are coming and leaving from Narita Airport, two way tickets are definitely better deal.

And it’s a lot more convenient!  😎

Check it out.


Okami 🙄

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