Boracay Part 2 – D'Mall

I think it was about the third day of our stay at Boracay.

We went out to D’Mall.

Shangri-La hotel has regular shuttle buses going to the D’Mall.

We were fine with life inside Shangri-La hotel. It was the paradise.

But since a lot of people including guide book recommended D’Mall so we decided to take a small tour out to D’Mall.

It’s a shopping centre with lots of restaurants and shops with hotels too, so many tourists go there.

Most of all, there’s White Beach near, and It’s supposed to be crystal clear water with white sand.

The name White Beach comes from it.

And it is a very very loooooong beach.

But we arrived in the evening, it’s too bad we couldn’t really see the ocean.

And I realised that we don’t even have a single picture of the beach…  😯


There are lots of restaurants and bars along the beach and basically you walk on the sand.

The sand was soooooo soft. It would have been better if we came earlier and also played at the beach. Oh well…  🙁


We ate at a restaurant called “Mañana“.

It’s a Mexican restaurant.

If I remember correctly, it’s located almost at the end of the White Beach.

The food was great! I love Mexican food.

After we ate, we realised that we didn’t have enough cash!  Oh my….  😳

What were we thinking…..

They didn’t accept credit card either.

I had to wait at the restaurant and Jay had to run to exchange some cash.


We took the shuttle bus back to the hotel.

There were tons of people waiting for shuttle buses from other hotels as well.

Basically nothing was organised… it was very loud and crowded.

Jay and I both don’t like such things.

Maybe we are getting too much used to Japan life where everything is sometimes too much organised and quiet.  😯

We finally got on the bus, and it took us to the dark road again to go back to the hotel.

I think Jay and I both preferred to stay at the hotel for the remaining days

I can understand that many tourists go there and it’s a fun place.

Maybe it was a different story if we went there during they day and had some time to enjoy the beach.

But the night life in D’Mall wasn’t for Jay and me. Everyone has their own preference.

We were very disappointed at the D’Mall.  😥


Okami   🙄


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