Second honeymoon to Boracay (Paradise)

After a week of honeymoon in Europe, we went back to Tokyo.

We rested for a week then we departed to Boracay for our second honeymoon. 🙂

Unlike our honeymoon in Europe, this time we will just relax relax and relax this time.  😆

We transferred flight at Manila airport.

That was the worst airport I have been to…

We couldn’t find where to go to catch the flight.

We were told to wait after they took away our passports.

No one explained what was going on…

Then they took us to take a bus. Still no one explained what was going on…

The bus took us to another terminal which was very very far.

I don’t think I will ever want to go to Manila airport again.

We arrived at Boracay airport.

Then we got on a bus again.

What we see outside of the airport was shocking.

We booked Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa but there was nothing that looked like resort.

We weren’t happy at all about our experience so far.

Then we arrived at Shangri-La’s lounge but it didn’t look like we were at the hotel yet.

We were waiting for a boat. We were served juice. 🙂

Then we got on a boat with other people also going to the hotel.

The ocean was beeeeeaaaaautiful.  😆

After about half an hour we finally arrived at the hotel.

It was completely different world than what we just experienced.

What we were seeing was paradise.

There was a band playing music that welcomed us.

Then we got on a cart called “buggy” to go to the main lobby.

Inside Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa, “buggy” is the main transportation to move around the resort.

We originally booked a garden view room but after seeing the ocean we had to change to an ocean view room.

Look at this view from our room!!! Perfect weather and perfect everything.  😎

Our paradise life for 5 days start… <3


We changed to our swimsuits and called a buggy to move to the pool.

At Shangri-la Boracay, you call a buggy from your room and wait at the closest station.

Then a buggy comes to pick you up.

There is a pool right next to the beach. The ocean was a little bit cold to go in so we mainly enjoyed the pool.

I think Jay and I like pool more than the ocean.

We stayed at the pool for hours.  😎

Boracay 2015_8809


Sometimes we would move to the beach.

This is the view you will see at the beach side.

There is a bar between the pool and the beach so you can order any drinks then they bring drinks to your seats. PARADISE~~~~~<3

You can just tell them your room number and that’s all you need to know.

You don’t need to carry around any cash inside the resort.

(Of course you will be billed when you check out. ;))


We stayed at the beach until the sunset.

There was a band playing music at the beach.

The beach, drinks, music, sunset…. it was the perfect moment.


The first day @ paradise ends just like that with the sunset….


Okami  🙄 




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