So far…

As part of our project for our guest house, Omoide House, we started our blog on March 9th.

It hasn’t been fully one month yet.

But I would like to look back this one month to see how we have been doing.

If I calculate it as if it was for one month, this is the status.


  • Number of accesses
    • 33/day x 31 days = 1023 accesses in March
  • Number of visitors
    • 10.1/day x 31 days = 314 visitors in March

So far not bad!!

This is what we did in March.

  1. Bought our domain,
  2. Opened accounts for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and have our blog posts linked automatically
  3. Opened Instagram account and posted many pictures of Miya and Leo and also linked Instagram to our blog
  4. Opened Ameba (Japanese) and Naver (Korean) blog accounts for Japanese and Korean speaking visitors and posted some blogs there too (There is a free plugin for linking WordPress and Naver but no free plugin for Ameba)
  5. We posted 86 blogs in March
  6. Wrote at least one blog per day
  7. We are writing our blog in three languages: English, Japanese and Korean

We will do better in April! 🙂

Okami  🙄 



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