Miya and Leo

 We live with two cats Miya and Leo


My name is Miya. I’m Russian Blue.
I am one year old. My birthday is March 8th, 2015. I was told it’s Jay and Okami’s wedding day.
I guess we were destined to be family.

When I first came to this house, there was Mr. Rabbit. He was a one fat rabbit so I stayed away from him… But he was fine. We had our own lives and he never bothered me. GOOD!
Then one day, he wasn’t around anymore. I felt a little bit lonely… I used to like watching him eat (the same food for 12 years! Can you believe that?!) But then I got used to being alone and peaceful days continued.
…. until this Bengal cat showed up!!!! arghhhhhh!!!

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ブログ 広告利益??!!

ゲストハウス Omoide Houseを作るために、色々な勉強をしております。

なんとなーく雰囲気だけわかってて、仕組みはわからなかったですが、面白いです。 なかなか。

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