Day 8, Miya and Leo – 11.15.2015

This is a story about how Miya and Leo became to live together under the same roof.

Read about the previous day if you haven’t yet.

It’s about the day Miya and Leo met directly without cage fence for the first time!


Leo is three months old today.

Today, Miya and Leo met directly for the first time.

We let them meet several times.

The first time was for just for some seconds.

Then we made it longer every time.

Miya is scared easily, so she’s hiding behind something all the time, but she was following around Leo.

Leo is not interested in Miya but he is busy playing with Miya’s toys.

But Miya is following Leo and making threatening sounds. 

Well, nobody forced Miya to follow Leo….  😕 

Is that complex cat’s mind?! She’s scared but also curious at the same time.

Sometimes it looks like they are playing together.

But sometimes they are very cautious about each other so we had to follow around them just in case.

But it’s SUPER improvement only after one week!  😆 

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