We want to start a guest house called Omoide House

The reason we started this blog is because we have a plan to open a guest house in Kyoto.

We plan to name it Omoide House, hoping it will be the place for travelers to make “Omoide”.

Read this: What does “Omoide” mean?

But it takes time to plan, prepare, and execute the plan.

This blog is to record our journey.

The day we open our Omoide House, we will look back this blog and HURRAY~~ 😀

For Jay and Okami, starting a guest house is a complete career change.

We are farthest from hotel business and we don’t know much about the industry.

We are in the process of learning.

While we are learning and preparing, we are writing about our travel stories as well.

Our experiences @ different countries with different people are probably the base of how we ended up with our life changing plan.

One day we will bring the world to Omoide House.

Until that day comes, please keep an eye on us! 


Jay 😎 Okami 🙄  Miya 😺 Leo 😽

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