PICA Fuji Yoshida – a quick get away from the city life

I’ve been writing about our trips to Europe.

Let’s take a small break from Europe and move to Japan travel story.

PICA Fuji Yoshida was the first camp like place we’ve been.

We’ve been there about three times.

This is about the time we went there in winter.

@PICA, you can stay at a log house or bring your own tent.

They have different types of accommodation you can choose from.


They had ice candles set on snow field.

It was beautiful.

Even it was real fire, the candles last quite a while.


There is a terrace right in front of each log house so you can do BBQ.

They already have dishes and utensils ready so you just need to bring food and drinks.

We brought meat, vegetables, spices and lots of drinks.  😎

This is what our table looked like. yum~



We brought our own candles too. <3<3

I LOVE<3 candles.



The best time is  firework time!

After we finish eating, Jay and I like drinking wine near the fire.

The sound of burning firewood is very relaxing especially in the mountain at night.

But it was a bit too cold to stay long outside. 😉



In the morning, you can choose to have a hamburger set that you can prepare meat from scratch.

They have different spices ready for you to create your own flavour.

Then you grill your meat to create your own hamburger.

It will be a fun event if you bring your kid.

But it is fun for adults too. Jay and I enjoy making burgers whenever we go there. 😉


We stopped by at a shrine closed to the place called, Sengenjinjha.

The road to the jinjha was icy so it was a little bit hard to walk but I recommend the walk if you are nearby.



PICA Fuji Yoshida is very close to Fuji-san.

So if you are lucky (a lot of the time, Fuji-san hides behind clouds), you might see the beautiful Fuji-san on your way to/from.


Okami  🙄


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