Day 3, Miya and Leo – 11.10.2015

This is from diary about how Miya and Leo became to live together under the same roof.

Read about the previous day if you haven’t yet.


Miya seems to be better now.

She still seems scared when Leo’s room door is open so I left it closed.

Now Miya is spending more time in the living room.

When I was playing with Leo with the door closed, Jay told me Miya came and is sitting in front of the door.

After I put Leo to his home and opened the door, Miya indeed was sitting right in front of the door.

Did she know I was in Leo’s room playing with him?? 

Maybe she was bothered by the idea I was playing with him…

Miya was staring at Leo standing in front of the door

But she can’t come in though.

Then Leo meowed and Miya was startled and ran away.

I closed the door of Leo’s room again then Miya came in front of the door again.

She did that three times today.

Maybe she’s more used to Leo now than yesterday.  😀

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