My first time to Delirium cafe in Brussels, Belgium

I wanted to go to Delirium cafe in Belgium.

I knew about Delirium beer with pink elephant. I had it in Tokyo and I loved it, especially the pink elephant mark.

I was happy to find out Delirium cafe is in Brussels.

I had already bought 2 Delirium beer glasses at a souvenir store.  😆

It was located very close to our hotel so we walked to the place.

I was so happy to see the pink elephant mark!

But once we got close to the pub, we were a little bit hesitant to enter the bar...

It was a bit dark and we felt the entrance was not tourist friendly

But we went in anyway.

The inside was nothing we expected…

It was dark and the floor was sticky.

We wanted to have at least one glass of beer so we looked for a place to sit.

Inside was very spacious but there were lots of people too.

So we couldn’t find a table easily and then we decided to leave.

I guess both Jay and I didn’t like the place so much.

Or at least it wasn’t something we expected.

I’ve been to Delirium cafe in Tokyo.

Like everything else in Tokyo, the bar is very clean and organised.

Maybe that was what we expected…

But overall I am very happy that I got to the place, the pink elephant!!


By the way, there are several different locations of Delirium cafe in Tokyo.

I like the one in Ginza the most.   😆

They have table seats and also high tables where you can order one beer for 500 yen!

The beer glass is a little bit small but you can enjoy different kinds of beer including the pink elephant beer for 500 yen.



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